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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
The Discovery of the Hallettestoneion Sea Zoria Dragons by Mike Hallett
Discovery Pre-historic Sea Dragon Remains found in Utah, USA

The discovery of the true Sea Dragons
The world’s oldest, largest and most advance forms of life ever discovered

Large Scale, advance marine reptiles
    • Advance Prehistoric marine Ecosystem
    • Frozen Alive (mostly Intact)
    • Large Scale (100 ft to 300 ft)
    • Extremely evolved Marine Reptiles
    • Extinction 540 million years ago
    • Inhabitants of Ancient Pacific Ocean
    • Remains Preserved through method of Crystallization (due to freezing)
    • Specialized Burial Matrix Configurations
    • Zoria Repeat: Specialized Biological Structures
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Hallettestoneion Research Project

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ABC Television - At Your Leisure, Episode #8
Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons

Host Steven Heumann interviews the Seazoria Dragons Discoverer, Mike Hallett.

Mike Hallett will provide exclusive discovery insights through extensive field research experience, specializing in evidence based research of the discovery, identification, study, excavation, lab examinations, reconstruction, storage, maintenance and management of physical Seazoria Biological Remains consisting of Skulls, Spikes, and Teeth.

The Hallettestoneion Research Project (HRP) continually produces Seazoria specific technologies, procedures and scientific disciplines throughout the discovery and excavation processes of the Prehistoric Seazoria Dragons Biological Remains.

The Hallettestoneion Research Project (HRP) is dedicated to being recognized as The World's Authority on Prehistoric Seazoria Paleontology and Discovery Management, to benefit the furtherance of New Developments, Integration's, Preservation and Scientific Advancements for future generations of Biological Earth Life Scientist Researchers.

The Biological overview and scientific understanding of the Seazoria Dragons Time Era features the largest, oldest and most advanced forms of Biological Life ever discovered.

The Ordovician Hallettestoneion

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